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Action From Vision

Action is the test of Activism.

One of the tenets of large-scale transformation that City50 brings is that Vision is made live with action.  City50 is all about the imperative of action supporting vision. Recently City50 concepts added catalytic energy to: Southeast Africa to Pittsburgh, French Art in Pittsburgh, and Britain in Pittsburgh.

Recall that global trading cities for people align city-to-city relationships across 6 interdependent dimensions. The most visible of these is the international image of the metro region in the partner city. Many mid-sized American cities need to lift their name recognition in large trading cities abroad. Cities scour existing relationships, business, culture and history to find, map, and build relations.  This is the heart of City50.

Africa and Pittsburgh – Hand-carved snuff horns are the first focused exhibit of African Art since Dr. Ralph Proctor closed his landmark exhibit of Central and West African sculptures at the Kingsley Association two decades ago.  The linked realms of economic, ritual, spiritual and artistic use of cattle herds featured. The exhibit is intended to highlight African art resources in Pittsburgh in community organizations, Carnegie Museum of Art masterpieces, and Pitt’s national historic landmark African Heritage classroom. Next up is planning a visible presence for this unprecedented collection of African Art, assembled in Africa over a quarter century.

French Art and Pittsburgh – France goes all the way back to Pittsburgh’s silent h,  prior to the outset of the British era in 1758. 140 years later, Théobald Chartran, France’s leading portraitist of American industrial and society figures of the Gilded Age,  painted portraits of eminent Pittsburghers between 1895 and 1905.  Chartran’s relation to the legendary Frick and Mellon art collections will be explored in the 2016 Speaker Series at the East Liberty Historical Society, December 2, 2016.

Britain in Pittsburgh – A quarter millennium of affinity and affection were plumbed through all the senses at the Britsburgh Festival in September, 2016. Music, food and drink featured in 100+ events around the city named for Prime Minister William Pitt. The city is also celebrating the bicentennial of its incorporation throughout 2016.

City 50 is Live

City 50 has helped organizations and coalitions collaborate on more than 50 projects. Give Mike a shout to discuss your organization’s vision for its part in building global trade in great cities.

In a half century that includes 30 years work in over 45 countries around the World, Mike never lost sight of Pittsburgh. One can’t go back to the same city, only forward. One does not step into the same river twice, as Heraclitus said.

In a dramatically transforming city, Mike’s 50 projects across 6 interdependent dimensions shape the trading city, tailored to Pittsburgh’s record and potential: City Trade, Meds & Eds, Participation, Image, and City Design.

Try it. Try this map exercise for your project. Add a 2nd dimension. For example, new City Trade with Vienna, Dusseldorf, or other European city. Your business needs Pittsburgh to have a positive profile. Yet few Europeans have heard of Pittsburgh. Look to Image in the renowned Grammy-nominated symphony’s regular Europe tours. Search for relationships built through its musical diplomacy. You have begun to  map your place in city trade. Your business’ facility with interdependence across dimensions is a skill needed to harness the complex urban energies driving growth in booming metros around the World.

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