Achieving shared vision is all about good listening.

Q: Why global? 

A: Trade between cities is the key to urban, metropolitan, cosmopolitan success. Global trading cities hedge against having all their eggs in one basket. Done well, more people share and life is more fun.

Q: Why 2050? 

A: Organizations plunge into action on timelines that do not look far enough down the road. Take vision first. Then mission, strategic execution and action align. Head space is essential to ensure that change countenances the future.

Ask better questions about our shared future in great global trading cities  to get better answers.

Q: Why Pittsburgh? 

A: Pittsburgh is America’s Comeback City. This is where stuff is made. It is ahead of the curve, leading in technology and quality of life, of a size that makes for safe experiments in a living laboratory. Pittsburgh is relevant to recovering river cities, Great Lakes cities, recovering post-industrial cities, and high-tech cities that are the essence of America’s continued 21st century prosperity.

Q: Yeah, but, why Pittsburgh? 

A: Pittsburgh has the civic energy, political will, and a new generation of leadership across government, business, civic life and universities, who make change happen at an accelerating pace.

Ask good questions.

Q:  How do we engage city50project

A: Change starts with conversation. Contact Mike via email and let’s start a conversation that matters.


Rather than answer questions, question answers.

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