City 50 has helped coalitions and organizations collaborate on more than 50 projects. Give Mike a shout to discuss your organization’s vision for its part in building global trade in great cities.

In a half century that includes 30 years work in over 45 countries around the World, Mike never lost sight of Pittsburgh. One can’t go back to the same city, only forward. One does not step into the same river twice, as Heraclitus said.

In a dramatically transforming city, Mike’s 50 projects across 6 interdependent dimensions shape the trading city, tailored to Pittsburgh’s record and potential:

   Eds + Meds + The New Economy drive jobs and economic growth.  

   City Design + People + Image drive quality of life.

Pair an economic driver with a quality of life driver to create the collaboration and synergy that accelerate growth and development.

Try it. Your business in Vienna or Dusseldorf needs New Economy Pittsburgh connections. Yet few in your city have heard of Pittsburgh. Pair New Economy with Image in the renowned Grammy-nominated symphony’s regular Europe tours. Locate relationships built through its musical diplomacy. Building your business’ adeptness in pairing dimensions is needed to harness the complex urban energies driving growth in booming metros around the World.